Science Department

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you enjoyed your summer!  This year we have many interesting and exciting topics to cover in class.  We will be working on several hands-on activities as well as many technology based projects.

Included in this packet you will find several forms that should be reviewed and signed by you and your child.  If you have an email address, please provide your email address as well.  Forms attached to this letter are as follows:

o    Supply List and Grading Policy

o    Discipline Plan

o    Homework Policy

o    Media Consent Form

All forms should be returned no later than Monday, September 15th, 2014.

This year we will be using which is an online website in which you and your child will be able to go to view grades, homework, attendance, view comments written by me as well as messages to your teachers.   

I look forward to working with you and your child this school year. If you should feel any need to contact me via PupliPath, send a note with your child or you can call the school at 718-633-8200 and leave a message with the school secretary.  I will return your call as soon as possible.

Supplies: (due September 16th, 2014) Students MUST have these items with them at all times!


ü    1 Composition Notebooks

ü    1 1” Flexible plastic binder

ü     Black or Blue Pens (No other colors will be excepted) 

ü    2 – 2 Pocket Folders

ü    1 pack of highlighters

ü    1 pack of colored pencils & a Sharpener

ü    Travel pack of tissue for your backpack


Grading Policy

ü    Assessments-Unit assessments, quizzes, homework     -30%

ü    Reading/Writing in Science                                       -30%

ü    Investigations (Labs)-Lab Reports, Performance Task  -30%

ü    Classwork/Participation                                            -10%


Science Fair/Exit Project will be an experiment that is a researched based, it is to have a written report and presented to the class.  The information will be displayed on a 3-sided display board, or on a Power Point or Video. The project can be done individually or with no more than two students.  More information will be distributed at a later time.


 Homework  MUST be done every night.  Homework for my class is a summary of what you learned for the day. A one (1) paragraph minimum unless otherwise stated.  If you still have questions about what we covered in class, you are to write down 2-3 specific questions about what you did not understand.  All homework is to be turned in online via  If you do not have internet access please let me know immediately so that we can make other arrangements for homework.


Tests/Quizzes:  If you are absent on a test or quiz day you must have a letter from your doctor in order to make up the test/quiz.  Makeup tests/quizzes will NOT be given with a note from your parent or guardian.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you are sick, you should see a doctor! Don’t forget the note to return to school.  I MUST see the note from your doctor.


Parents, if you are having a hard time, or need more

time purchasing these items, please let me know!


Discipline Plan 


C L A S S R O O M   R U L E S :

1.            Observe all 12 non-negotiable rules of I. S. 220.

2.            As soon as the late bell rings, have ALL materials on your desk – and begin work.

3.            Respect ALL people in the classroom, equipment, and furnishings.

4.            Raise your hand to speak, ask a question, or voice an opinion.

5.            Do not get out of your seat for any reason.

6.            No gum, food, or drink in the classroom.


If you choose to break a rule:


First Time:          Verbal Warning/ Your name on the section sheet.

Second Time:    Phone call home to parent/guardian.

Third Time:         Parent Conference/ Lunch Detention/Friday Detention after dismissal.

Fourth Time:      Referral to SIT (Dean) / Assistant Principal will be notified.


R E W A R D S !

ü    Praise (Positive phone calls, and notices sent home)


ü    Classroom Responsibilities (Classroom Monitor)


Please tear off the portion below and return it no later than September 15th, 2014.


STUDENTS:  I have read the classroom discipline plan and understand the rules and consequences.

                          I will do my best to follow the rules.


Print Name:_______________________________Signature________________________________


Email Address: ______________________________________________________________________




My child and I have discussed the discipline plan.  I know that it will benefit my child’s learning.


Print Name:_______________________________Signature________________________________


Email Address: _______________________________________________________________________


TEACHER:      I will be fair and consistent in administering the discipline plan. 


Print Name______________________________ Signature­­­________________



Homework Policy 

Homework is to ALWAYS be completed on time.


Homework is to be written in black or blue PEN.  The official I.S. 220 heading (see below) must be written at the top of every page.  The homework assignment number MUST also be written at the top of the page.  Homework that has been turned in without the school heading or without a homework number will be returned.

An absence is NOT an excuse for not doing homework.  Every student should have at least 1-2 phone numbers of a classmate(s) to call for the assignment.  In the event an assignment is missed – it MUST be completed by the next school day – NO LATER.  If it is not handed in – it is a zero (0).  Once has been set up, you will be able to log on and view homework. 


If the following should occur:

3  missed assignments:                         Note sent home to parent(s)

4 – 8 missed assignments:                  Meeting with parent(s) & student

8 or more:                                        Detention time after school to make up homework


Official School Heading is as follows:

                             IS 220                                                                                         Your Name

                  Class                                                                                            Date

H.W # ___________


STUDENTS:   I have read the homework policy and understand my responsibilities.


Print Name:______________________Signature:__________________________________


Email or phone #: _____________________________________________



My child and I have discussed the homework policy.  I know that homework will enhance my child’s learning.


Print Name:_______________________________Signature:_____________________________


Email or phone #: _______________________________________________


Please check one: (very important)

o  I have internet access at home.

o  I do not have internet access at home.


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