Fort Hamilton will host West Point Day at Fort Hamilton to showcase USMA to NYC.

posted Mar 23, 2015, 3:55 AM by Sylwia Jasinski
Fort Hamilton will host West Point Day at Fort Hamilton to showcase USMA to NYC.  

     West Point Day will be held on Saturday, 18 April 2015 from 8 am-1PM.  

Event Line up: 

(1)   Parade: The full dress cadet parade will highlight the splendor of this unique military tradition and showcase the gallantry of USMA.   The parade will kick off with a parachute drop and canon salute.  

(2)   West Point Activities:   Throughout the day visitors have the opportunity to walk the Fort Hamilton grounds, visit our military museum, obtain information on the United States Military Academy and interact with the cadets, a great opportunity for students exploring their educational opportunities, as well as information for School counselors. The USMA's clubs, such as the power lifting, fencing, spirit cheerleaders, boxing, competitive cyber, and law enforcement, will be providing active demonstrations throughout the event.  There will also be static displays, including historical military weaponry and helicopter along with other military equipment, for additional engagement and learning opportunities.

      Fort Hamilton is hosting West Point Day in an effort to build a discernible relationship between NYC communities and the Academy by showcasing USMA's intellectual diversity and planning for future external collaborations and cultural outreach.

      Admission into West Point is an exceptional honor reserved for our nation's most promising students. But it takes more than excellent grades to be accepted for admission. West Point graduates leaders who are not only intelligent, who are physically fit and of outstanding character. Those who are selected to attend USMA receive a college education that is unparalleled in the world with tuition, room and board, and expenses fully paid. Fort Hamilton and USMA would like to afford every student in New York City an opportunity to receive information on this academic and leadership opportunity.  Therefore, West Point Day is the first event of its kind to showcase USMA to the diverse population of New York City.  We hope you will  support this event as we continue to champion for our city's future leaders.  

Lisa Sheehan
Fort Hamilton 
Child Youth and School Services Outreach Director