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The Elements
The Newsletter of Brooklyn Community Board Seven

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A New School Coming to 3rd Avenue and 60th Street?
Ferry Returning to the Waterfront
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Apply for a Block Party
CB 7 Hosts a Public Hearing on Proposed School
View of lot proposed for a new CSD 20 school (from 3rd Avenue and 60th Street)
Community Board 7 hosted a meeting on February 17 to discuss a potential new school proposed for the west side of 3rd Avenue between 59th and 60th Streets.  The proposed Community School District 20 (CSD 20) school would eventually seat 676 students from kindergarten through 8th grade.

The site is currently a privately-owned empty lot, so it will be necessary for the City to negotiate the sale of the property.  The school would sit on 47,000 feet of the lot (1.07 acres).  The site is directly across 3rd Avenue from PS 503/506 school building.

CSD 20 projects a need for almost 6,000 new kindergarten through 8th grade seats by the 2021 school year.

Community Board 7 recognizes the need for additional schools in the community and its Site Selection Committee had suggested that the Department of Education and School Construction Authority look into the possibility of a school at this location.  At the same time, CB 7 recognizes that 3rd Avenue and 60th Street is one of the most dangerous intersections in the community, by volume of accidents.  It is expected that CB 7 will ask for a comprehensive pedestrian and traffic safety plan for the intersection, as was requested for the new PS/IS437 currently being built on Caton Avenue.  The Caton Avenue safety plan has started to be implemented, while the school is scheduled to open in September.

If approved, the proposed school is expected to open in September 2019. 

This newsletter is completed several hours before the meeting took place, so many details were not available upon publication.  CB 7 expects a proposal for a new school in Community School District 15 (CSD 15) in the near future.

Ferry to Return to Sunset Park in 2017
Entrance to the and future home of the ferry at the 58th Street Pier
Amongst many initiatives announced in his 2015 State of the City Address, Mayor Bill de Blasio has proposed funding for a Five-Borough Ferry system.

The plan, which would include returning the ferry to the 58th Street Pier (Brooklyn Army Terminal Pier 4) in 2017, would connect the East River ferry routes to new service in Brooklyn and Queens.  A second phase, pending funding, could include Coney Island and Staten Island.

In addition, the Mayor announced that the ferry service would be accessible with a MetroCard, a position long held by Community Board 7.  The Board has also long advocated for additional ferry service from 39th Street, but that was not included in the Mayor's plan.

The most recent ferry service at the 58th Street Pier ended in October 2014, due to a lack of funding.

Mayor de Blasio also announced $55 million in capital funds to support the ferry plan.  For reference, we are also including a link to the highlights of the Mayor's proposed 2016 City Budget.
Issue Updates
A century-old photo of the Bush Terminal Railyard

  • Community Board 7 voted last month to amend our By Laws.  The updated version (January 2015) is available at this link and will be permanently posted in our monthly newsletter's "Quick Links" section on the right side of this page.
  • Community Board 7 has finally received a response to our June request for the Department of Sanitation to study alternatives to road salt.  Unfortunately, the response is not what the Board had hoped for.
  • The Department of Transportation will present their updated study on alternatives to the 20th Street truck route on March 3, 2015 at the Windsor Terrace Library.  CB 7 originally requested the study in January 2010.  A previous plan for 20th Street was turned down by the Community Board in 2012 with a request to keep studying the problem.
  • Brooklyn Chinese-American Association will host the 28th Annual Chinese New Year Celebration on 8th Avenue on February 22 beginning at noon.  The "Year of the Ram" celebration will take place between 50th and 61st Streets.

Please share your feedback on our newsletter by contacting the Community Board.
Jeremy Laufer
District Manager

February 2015 

Call to Action:
Apply for a Block Party

Each year Community District 7 is home to approximately 150 block parties.  Holding a block party is a great way to meet neighbors, organize a block to seek assistance or resources and, of course, can provide a fun respite for young and old alike.

Community Board 7 updates the local guidelines for applying for a block party annually.  The guidelines include the Community Board's rules as well as the rules from the 72nd Precinct and the Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO).

There is only one rule change this year.  The 72nd Precinct has clarified that block parties are not allowed on any two-way streets.

As with last year, block parties must be applied for at least 90 days in advance by a block resident and may last no more than 9 hours.  Only 12 block parties are allowed on any single day and dates are not reserved until an application is deemed complete.  A petition from 51% of the households on the block is essential.  Sound permits may be required by the precinct.

Due to NYPD special assignments, block parties are not approved for Memorial Day weekend,  the Puerto Rican Day parade weekend, 4th of July weekend and Labor Day weekend.


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