2014 Social Studies Grading Policy

John J. Pershing

Social Studies Grading Policy 2014-2015


60% Writing Assignments

·         Short response essays (RAFTs)

·         DBQs (both parts)

·         Formal Essays

·         Research Papers

·         Performance TASK – all components

·         Unit Exams (DBQs can take the place of a Unit Exam, but not vice versa)

·         National History Day Project


35% Quizzes

·         Content Quizzes

·         Close Reading Writing Assignments

·         Current Events Writing

·         Political Cartoon Assignments


5% Homework and Class Work

·         Students are responsible for being prepared for class each day and participate

·         There are NO “Homework Passes”

·         Homework is NEVER associated with student behavior (positive or negative)


Assignment Requirements:

·         Students must complete AT LEAST TWO short responses that are graded and placed in portfolios per marking period. 

·         Students must complete AT LEAST ONE DBQ (both parts) per marking period that is to be graded and then to be placed in the portfolios. 

·         Students must take AT LEAST TWO content quizzes per marking period.

·         Students must complete AT LEAST FIVE Close Reading assignments per marking period.

·         Students analyze AT LEAST TWO political cartoons per marking period.