Letter to Parents from Chancellor Carmen Farina

posted Aug 29, 2014, 12:20 PM by Sylwia Jasinski

Parents & Families,

We have seven days left before the first day of school and as the Department of Education continues to finalize its plans; we want to ensure that our children are able to enjoy a seamless and enjoyable school opening.

To assist you and the parents you support in this process, we encourage you to visit the Department’s webpage—One-Stop Shop for Back to School NYC—which can be found here. This webpage contains all the important information parents will need for the first week and month of school, including the ability to search for their school and confirm their child's school-day start and end times. Parents can also access information regarding transportation from the Office of Pupil Transportation’s (OPT) webpage which can be found here.

We also wish to inform you the schools across the City are offering afterschool programming right in your neighborhood—and for the first time ever, the overwhelming majority of public middle schools will have high-quality afterschool programs on site as well.

From volleyball and hip-hop dance to cooking classes and computer and graphic design courses, there’s an afterschool program available right in your neighborhood—and you can apply now. These no-cost programs offer a variety of options for safe, educational afterschool activities before the workday is over, and are held throughout the 12-month school year.

These afterschool programs are:

-          No cost to you

-          Five days a week

-          Starting September 8th

Click here to apply for an elementary or middle school afterschool program for your child.

Thank you for your efforts as we work towards a successful start for the new school year.


Carmen Fariña


Chancellor Carmen Fariña

NYC Department of Education

52 Chambers Street

New York, New York 10007

T: 212.374.0200


Sylwia Jasinski,
Aug 29, 2014, 12:21 PM