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 Welcome to the Lutheran Family Health Centers’

School-based Health Centers Program


Since 1984, the Lutheran Family Health Centers (LFHC) network has offered Brooklyn schools a comprehensive School-based Health Centers program that includes primary care, mental health and dental services.


Health services right in your child’s school:

·         First aid

·         Complete physical exams / immunizations

·         Treatment for common illnesses like sore throats and ear infections

·         Lead and tuberculosis testing

·         Dental, hearing and vision screening

·         Treatment for asthma, diabetes and other chronic conditions

·         Mental health counseling

·         Referrals to specialists


Our school-based health care team, which includes nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical social workers, psychologists, dental professionals and medical assistants, works to make sure your child receives all necessary services.


School-based Health Centers are open during regular school hours. Appointments can be made by calling or stopping by your school’s health center. When schools are closed, services are available at the Lutheran Family Health Centers sites (listed on the back page). 


Why choose a School-based Health Center?



      If your child gets sick during school hours, he/she will receive prompt on site evaluation and treatment

      Your child will miss fewer school days

      You will miss fewer work days

      Your child will be cared for by a qualified, licensed professional

      Appointments in a timely manner

      No out-of-pocket costs for services provided on site

      Your child will receive care even if he/she doesn’t have insurance

      We can refer you to Child Health Plus for health insurance

      This program does not replace your child’s regular physician


Frequently Asked Questions


My child has a private doctor or an LFHC doctor.  Why should I sign up with a School-based Health Center?                                       


Our staff are located right in the school, so if your child gets sick at school, he/she will receive prompt evaluation and treatment. Also, you do not have to take time off from work to take your child to the doctor when they feel sick.  Your child can be seen right at school.

What if my child needs lab tests?              


Some tests can be done at the School-based Health Center. If tests are required but cannot be done on site, you will be referred to one of the Lutheran Family Health Centers or to your doctor. 

What if my child needs to see a specialist?


School-based Health Center staff can refer your child to the appropriate specialist. (Please be aware that you may be billed for off site medical care).


What if we don’t have health insurance?

The School-based Health Centers are part of Lutheran HealthCare’s managed care plan, Health Plus. When you enroll your child in Health Plus, he/she can receive care at our School-based Health Centers or at any of the Lutheran Family Health Centers.


Health Plus staff work with each School-based Health Center to help you apply for or renew your membership in their free or low-cost health insurance plans. Health Plus covers children under age 19. This insurance covers ALL health services, including prescriptions, hospital stays, emergency care and mental health counseling provided by the Lutheran Family Health Centers.


In addition, Health Plus provides free or low-cost health care to adults who qualify, so parents can also benefit.


To get Health Plus for your child, or to learn if you or other family members qualify, call 1-888-809-8009. A Health Plus staff member will help you.

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Nov 23, 2011, 6:29 AM
Sylwia Jasinski,
Nov 23, 2011, 6:29 AM
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Sylwia Jasinski,
Nov 23, 2011, 6:29 AM