Math Test Prep permission slip

posted Nov 7, 2013, 5:19 AM by Sylwia Jasinski

John J. Pershing, I.S. 220K

4812 Ninth Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11220

Loretta M. Witek, Principal


2013-2014 After School Math Test Preparation Program

Permission Slip


Dear Parents/Guardians:


Your child is invited to attend an after school Math program on the below dates from 3:10-5:10pm that will focus on test taking strategies for the May NYS Math Assessment.   This year’s Math test will require a great deal of stamina which can only be developed through practice.  Below are the dates and times of the classes. 



Wednesday, October 9                                                               Wednesday, January 8

Thursday, October 10                                                                 Thursday, January 9

Wednesday, October 16                                                              Wednesday, January 15

Thursday, October 17                                                                 Thursday, January 16

Wednesday, October 23                                                              Wednesday, January 22

Wednesday, October 30                                                              Thursday January 23

                                                                                                 Wednesday, January, 29

Wednesday November 6                                                             Thursday, January 30

Thursday, November 7                                                              

Wednesday, November 13                                                          Wednesday, February 5

Thursday, November 14                                                             Thursday, February 6

Thursday November 21                                                              Wednesday, February 12

                                                                                                Thursday February 13

                                                                                                Wednesday, February 26


Wednesday, December 4                                                            Wednesday, March 5

Thursday, December 5                                                               Thursday, March 6

Wednesday, December 11                                                          Wednesday, March 12

Thursday December 12                                                              Thursday, March 13

Wednesday, December 18                                                          Thursday, March 20

Thursday, December 19                                                             Wednesday, March 26

                                                                                                Thursday, March 27


Please notify us as soon as possible if your child will attend the afternoon class by completing the form below.  The slip should be returned to Ms. Bolognino, Assistant Principal of MAthPlease keep the dates in your home and note that class is not EVERY Wednesday and Thursday.


Thank you,


Ms. Bolognino

Assistant Principal                                                               



____Yes, I would like my child ____________________________________________(print student’s name) to participate in the afternoon class.


Parent’s Name__________________________________________________ 


Parent’s Signature_______________________________________________


Parent’s Cell #_________________________________


Emergency Contact Name _______________________________  Cell#___________________________


Math Teacher’s Name_____________________________


Student’s Class______________ 

Sylwia Jasinski,
Nov 7, 2013, 5:19 AM