The Four Pillars Mission Statement

posted Jun 25, 2014, 3:54 AM by Sylwia Jasinski

 The latest news from the NYC Department of Education The Four Pillars
Mission Statement:

The New York City Department of Education is committed to working collaboratively with parents, educators, school communities, and external stakeholders to improve student achievement and ensure that every child graduates from high school prepared for college, a career, and a future as a productive, thinking citizen.
A Vision for all New York City Public Schools

1 Improve Student Achievement by Aligning all Instruction to the Common Core

  • Increase opportunities for universal, high-quality, full-day pre-kindergarten, the foundation for a student’s success in high school and beyond.
  • Offer targeted professional development forums for principals and teachers that deal specifically with Common Core instruction and implementation.
  • Strengthen support for middle schools by introducing interactive arts instruction, and offering enriching after-school programs to promote creativity and confidence.
  • Develop and enhance 21st century digital skills by integrating technology into all classrooms.
  • Close the achievement gap by increasing bilingual and dual language programs for English Language Learners and implementing targeted intervention services.
  • Assess students’ academic performance by examining their overall body of work in lieu of a single test grade.
2 Restore Dignity and to the Craft of Teaching and School Leadership
  • Recognize and celebrate our educators’ dedication, talent, and expertise.
  • Provide substantial administrative, legal, and fiscal support to school leaders so that they can focus on teaching and learning.
  • Give school leaders an opportunity to participate in policy decisions that impact their work.
  • Strengthen leadership and instructional professional development to ensure that every child receives an excellent education.
  • Increase opportunities for educators to share and replicate strong practices and learn from one another.
  • Reform teacher accountability by reducing the reliance on test scores as the sole barometer of teacher effectiveness.
3 Engage Parents in Every Aspect of School Life
  • Increase engagement by hosting frequent parent workshops and conferences so that families can learn more about their children’s education and have access to experts in the field.
  • Expand English as a Second Language, computer, and financial literacy classes for parents so they can better support their children’s education.
  • Increase the use of social media, email, and written publications to expand outreach and help parents understand and participate in their children’s education and policy-making decisions.
  • Partner with families and parent advocates to resolve matters at the school level.
  • Increase training opportunities for parent coordinators so that they may forge strong home-school connections.
4 Create New Collaborative and Innovative Models
  • Harness the vast and exceptional resources of our City to partner with community stakeholders such as businesses, local colleges, and cultural institutions.
  • Create more community schools to meet the social, emotional, and health needs of students and their families through partnerships with organizations equipped to provide such services.
  • Create innovative services and programs for students with disabilities.
  • Establish new Career and Technical Education high schools for energy and technology so all students can find pathway to college and rewarding careers.
  • Partner with educational institutions and non-profits to recruit and train qualified teaching and school leadership candidates.
Sylwia Jasinski,
Jun 25, 2014, 3:55 AM